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The Battle of Perryville

October 7-8, 2017

The 155th Anniversary of the Battle of Perryville will be held at Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site. Please join us for historic lectures, battlefield tours, and become a Civil War soldier in the Life of the Soldier Program. This is an interactive program where our visitors can relive the past as a Civil War soldier. Military demonstrations are scheduled for both days. Enjoy one of the best Civil War museums in the state, visit our many vendors, and enjoy our food wagons. Please call the park at 859-332-8631 or email Joni House at joan.house@ky.gov

Spectator’s Information for the 155th Commemoration of


October 7 – 8, 2017



Here is some handy information that will make your visit to the Perryville Commemoration more enjoyable.

There are no advance tickets for the event.  Please pay at the Admission Gate. 

General Admission          $10
Veterans                           $  8
6 and over                        $  7

Patience – Plan on arriving early and staying late.  Traffic will be congested both getting in and getting out of the park.  Give yourself at least two hours before the battle starts and plan to stay awhile after the battle is over. 

Safety First – Please do not cross any roped off areas.  They are roped off to keep you safe.  No the bullets are not real, but they are real weapons that can hurt you.  Horses have minds of their own.  Please exercise caution around weapons and  horses.

Not Just a Battle – Please check the schedule of events.  There are many interesting events scheduled during the weekend.  Please visit the reenactor camps, the museum, the sutler area and the food vendors. Guided tours and other attractions are offered throughout the day.  Please check at the information area in the small picnic shelter.

Big Battlefield – Be prepared to walk.  The park is over 1,000 acres.  Please give yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes to walk to the spectator line for the battle.  Wear good shoes and be prepared to deal with uneven surfaces, steep slopes and horse leftovers.

Rain or Shine – The Battle of Perryville was fought during one of the worst droughts recorded in Kentucky.  The weather in Kentucky is unpredictable and we never know what to expect during the reenactment.  Please be prepared to deal  with hot temperatures, rain, cold temperatures or who knows what.

Bring a Seat – There are no bleachers or fixed seating. You are welcome to bring folding chairs so that you may be comfortable during the reenactment, but please be prepared to keep them with you the entire day.

Ask Questions – Please feel free to interact with the reenactors.  They really enjoy telling people about what they are portraying.  Let us answer some of the most common questions: yes, they are hot in those uniforms or dresses; yes, they sleep in the tents; yes, they cook over the fires and yes, they will be happy to recruit you into their units……..

Schedule of Events 2017


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